Annual Winners

2012 Small World In Motion Competition

Honorable Mention
2012 Small World In Motion Competition

Phuong Anh Nguyen

Harvard Medical School
Mitchison Lab, Department of Systems Biology
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Subject Matter:

Time lapse movie of microtubule asters growing in a thin layer of interphase Xenopus (frog) egg extract

- see: Microtubule, Xenopus, Frog

Widefield fluorescence microscopy

see: fluorescence

This movie shows the growth, interaction, and movement of microtubule asters (in green) in Xenopus (frog) egg cytoplasm, following exit from metaphase (cell division). Asters grown in a thin layer of cytoplasm between two glass coverslips recapitulates the behavior of asters in early dividing live embryos during anaphase/telophase/cytokinesis.  Where asters meet, cytokinesis proteins such as the chromosomal passenger complex (visualized using a fluorescently labeled antibody against a CPC component, shown in red) are recruited. This establishes a boundary between the two asters, and marks the position of the putative cleavage furrow.