Annual Winners

1977 Photomicrography Competition


Martin L. Scott

Advisor in Scientific Applications of Photography
Eastman Kodak

Martin L. Scott is an advisor in scientific applications of photography at the Eastman Kodak Company, specializing in photomicrography, medical photography and archival properties of photographic materials. He has done research in graphic arts processes, and has a patent in gravure printing technique. He designed films for photogrammetry and infrared photography in color. He is co-founder of the Rochester Microscopical Society.

Dr. Walter C. McCrone

Senion Scientifc Advisor
McCrone Associates

Dr. Walter McCrone is Senior Scientific Advisor of McCrone Associates, doing contract research in microscopy, ultramicroanalysis and crystallography. He also organized the McCrone Research Institute, a nonprofit corporation devoted to fundamental research in, and teaching of, microscopy and crystallography. He is Editor and Publisher of The Microscope. In 1970 he received the Benedetti Award in microchemistry, and in 1977 the Ernst Abbe Award of the N.Y. Microscopical Society.

David A. Silverman

Functional Photography & Technical Photography Magazines

David Silverman is editor of two national trade journal in the professional photographic field: Functional Photography and Technical Photography. He has also been editor of a number of photographic daily publications, including those for PPA, PMA, IRM/NMA and NAVA. He has received the Mathew Brady Award from the Association of Federal Photographers and an award from the Industrial Photographers Society of N.Y. He is also a member of the board of advisors for the U.S. Industrial Film Festival.

Herbert Fischler

Chief of Medical Photography
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Herbert Fischler has been chief of Medical Photography, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn, for 25 years. He was also instructor in Clinical Photography at Farleigh Dickinson University and teacher of photography in the Adult Education Division, Roslyn (N.Y.) High School. He is contributing editor, Laboratory Management; past chairman, Biological Photographic Association (N.Y. chapter); and Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society.