Annual Winners

1984 Photomicrography Competition


Skip Palenik

Senior Research Microscopist
McCrone Associates

Skip Palenik is Senior Research Microscopist at Walter C. McCrone Associates in Chicago. His special research interests are in the area of analytical microscopy. He participated in the investigations of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King (for the U.S. House Committee on Assassinations), the Atlanta Murders (for the State of Georgia), and the Hillside Strangler Case in California. He teaches courses in polarized light microscopy, microshemical analysis, forensic fiber microscopy, identification of botanical micro-traces and soil microscopy.

Martin L. Scott, FBPA

Advisor in the Scientific Application of Photography
Eastman Kodak

Martin L. Scott is an advisor in the scientific application of photography at the Eastman Kodak Company, specializing in photogmicrography and biomedical applications. He lectures extensively on photography as a research tool. He is a member of the New York Microscopical Society, the Northeastern Association of Microscopists, a fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, and a president of the Biological Photographic Association.

Nile Root, FBPA

Associate Professor of Biomedical Photographic Communications
Rochester Institute of Technology

Nile Root is an associate professor of biomedical photographic communications at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. His scientific photographs have been widely published in textbooks and journals, and he authored and illustrated the microscopy chapter in the medical textbook Pathobiology. Since 1964, he has received more than 35 awards for his work in the annual International Exhibit of the Biological Photographic Association, including ten First Awards.

James A. Dvorak, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Scientist
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

James Dvorak is a senior staff scientist in the Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health. He is the author of over 90 papers. He specializes in qualitative analysis of host-parasite interactions. Dr. Dvorak is a member of the Society of Analytical Cytology and is an Expert Consultant for the World health Organization. He is a recipient of the National Institutes of Health Director’s Award.