Annual Winners

1992 Photomicrography Competition


Thomas J. Hopen

Executive Director/Senior Chemical Microscopist
MVA, Inc.

Thomas Hopen is executive director/senior chemical microscopist at the Atlanta-area microanalysis firm MVA, Inc. and a visiting professor with the McCrone Research Institute. His lectures and technical papers cover forensic investigation, drug and trace evidence examination, soil comparison and constituent analysis. He is a member of hte New York Microscopical Society and the newly-formed Georgia Microscopical Society.

John Paul Vetter, RBP, FBPA, Hon.IMI

Medical Media Imaging Consultant

John Paul Vetter is a consultant in medical media imaging. The former director of media services at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, he is an internationally recognized authority in many facets of medical photography, including photomicrography, gross specimen photography and standardization. He has lectured and written extensively on these subjects and is the editor of the Biomedical Photography reference book.

Martin L. Scott, FBPA, AIMI

Martin Scott is a consultant in scientific imaging technology. The former director of Scientific Imaging Markets at the Eastman Kodak Company, he also lectured extensively on photomicrography. He is a past president of the Biological Photographic Association and a member of the New York Microscopical Society, The State Microscopical Society of Illinois and the Royal Microscopical Society.

David L. Spector, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Investigator and Director of the Microscopy Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor Labaoratory

David Spector is senior staff investigator and director of the microscopy laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. A cell biologist and expert in light and electron microscopy, he organizes an advanced microscopy course at the Laboratory. An author of a wide range of published articles on aspects of nuclear structure and function, he is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Cell Science.