Dr. Gabriel G. Martins

1st Place
2013 Small World In Motion Competition

Dr. Gabriel G. Martins

University of Lisbon
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia & CBA/Faculdade de Ciencias Universidad de Lisboa
Lisbon, Portugal

Subject Matter:

Quail Embryo at 10 Day Incubation (3D reconstruction)


Optical tomography, illuminated with a blue LED light (green fluorescence)

This 3D reconstruction of a quail embryo – comprised of more than 1,000 separate images – shows in startling clarity and detail the anatomy of the specimen. The winning video shows a sequence of “virtual” slices through the whole embryo with 10 days of (in egg) gestation. With this technique, studying the whole anatomy of large specimens like this embryo (23mm long) is possible.