2016 Photomicrography Competition

Slime mold (Mixomicete)

José R. Almodóvar

University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Mayaguez Campus
Biology Department
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, USA

Image Stacking, Reflected Light


It may look like a pair of trees, but Jose Almodovar’s image of a slime mold puts this specimen in a whole new light. What makes this image incredible is its colors and ability to provoke imagination and curiosity. It also required exemplary technique, as it Almodovar had to use a very specific focus and remain completely still when taking the photo.
Almodovar is a Scientific Instrumentation Specialist in charge of the microscopy center at The University of Puerto Rico’s Mayaguez Campus. He has been taking micrographs for over 22 years and has been participating in the Nikon Small World competition since 2006.