2020 Small World in Motion Competition

Internal flow dynamics of coalescing micro-droplets (~200x slower speed)

Kazi Fazle Rabbi Dr. Xiao Yan

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering
Urbana, Illinois, USA

Transmitted Light

20 (Objective Lens Magnification)

This video was captured by research assistant and Ph.D. candidate Kazi Fazle Rabbi as part of his research into condensation and evaporation on a microscopic scale. The video was difficult to capture and was accomplished using transmitted light microscopy, with a frequency controlled micro-droplet dispenser and a high-speed camera interfaced with a microscope lens objective.

Such research helps to visualize condensation and evaporation on various surfaces and can lead to advancements in everyday items such as more efficient air condition systems, water pipes that don’t freeze or even optical glass that won’t fog up from wearing a facemask.